Saturday, February 14, 2015

New Feature: Blog Categories

Better late than never I have finally gotten around to grouping some of my posts by category, using the "Link Lists" gadget that Blogger offers in the "layout" part of "design." The category list is located at the top of the right hand sidebar.

Now you can find all the "Wasp Wednesday," "Spider Sunday," and most of the "OrThoptera Thursday" posts conveniently, without having to scroll through all 500+ posts. Additionally, I offer categories for commonly-encountered indoor insects and biting "bugs" for the casual visitor who may want to try and quickly identify something they found at the home or workplace.

I hope you find this new feature useful, and I welcome suggestions for additional categories. My other post topics seem diverse enough that any other categories would, at this time, be relatively minor, though. I aim to be responsive to my readers, but I get precious little feedback. That either means I am delivering useful material, or no one cares one way or the other. Ha! I am hoping it means the former.


  1. It's definitely the former for me. You do great work!

  2. This is a terrific feature. I very much enjoy (and use) your descriptions of insects and have tried in the past to scroll through to all the various, say, wasp posts to try to identify what I've found, but it's a long slog. This should make that much easier.

    It's an excellent and very interesting blog, and I read it regularly, even if I hardly ever comment! Keep up the good work!


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