Sunday, September 23, 2018

Coming in October....

Fighting Flame Skimmer dragonfly males

Several new posts will be coming to this blog in October. You can look forward to a diversity of topics aimed at a variety of audiences. It is easier for me to write during the colder months of the calendar year without the distracting urge to be outdoors observing insects and spiders, so expect a few more posts in general through the winter.

"Don't Try This at Home" will feature the drawbacks of do-it-yourself pest control using over-the-counter products.

"Why I No Longer Collect" will discuss my personal reasons for not collecting insect and spider specimens, which may give aspiring young scientists and hobbyists reasons to pause.

"A Couple of Weirdos" will highlight some surprising species discovered by accident during the past summer.

"Remembering National Moth Week" will revisit the excitement of putting out blacklights in various locations in Colorado this past July.

There will be other posts that spotlight the few trips we took close to home and far away this year in search of insects and other wildlife. Additionally, I plan to feature posts that offer tips on circumstances and situations that are not to be missed if you want to find unique insects; and how to get images of insects and spiders engaged in various behaviors.

So, grab that pumpkin spice beverage and prepare to be engrossed next month. That's different from just "grossed." It means "captivated," "enthralled." I'll do my best to live up to your anticipation.


  1. Or another opion is to try and keep all the windows/doors closed as much as possible. All of these things sould help destroy your insect problem! hope this helps

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  2. I saw a most unusual spider yesterday and wished I'd had the means to take a picture with me. The critter was in the middle of the road, about 1" long, with thick, striped legs. His abdomen was large and while the rest of him was dark it looked like he was carrying a piece of strawberry on his back. I live in McCall, ID.

    1. Without seeing the actual animal I cannot help you identify it. I'm sorry.


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