We wish to thank the following individuals for their generous support of the
Bug Eric and Sense of Misplaced blogs. Thank you!

Diana B.
Lorri G.
Beverly W.
Aaron G.
Michael F.
Kevin W.
Megan M.
Dona H.
Kerry W.
Dawn W.
Lorena K.
Ken K.
Sarah R.
Nancy M.
Debbie S. (camera)
Diane B.
John L.
Marion D.
Donald S.
Pete H. (technical support!)
Cora M.
Allan P.
D. Bradley S.
Charles S.
Sharon M. (camera)
Erin M.
Sean W.
Paul A.
Dave G.
Marcia Patrice K.
Chris H.
Anne Marie G.
John S.
Levi M.
Ron G.
Tom M.
(your name here)

Many of you have donated over $50, donate repeatedly, or even have an ongoing subscription. Thank you also for the in-kind donations of equipment that allow me to keep writing and photographing. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

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