Take Great Bug Pics

My good friend Nancy Miorelli of SciBugs recently put together a handy pamphlet on how to take better bug pictures with your smartphone. Here it is:

Wait, there's more!

Want a printable version? Here is a PDF file for that.


  1. I have a cool video of an orb weaver in my back yard. I cant find any pics where another one looks like her ( I say her because she's huge) I live in a suburb of Houston Texas. Wondering if there's some way to show you this video so you can tell me if it's a Spotted Orb Weaver? Or what she may be.

    1. I would recommend uploading still images to iNaturalist, or videos to one of the Facebook groups devoted to identifying insects and(or) spiders. There is no easy way I can do that for you from this page.

    2. Hey. You can screenshot a good pic of the spider and then submit it on the site. Its a pretty handy way to take pics from videos