Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Bug Eric" Wins Online Praise

I am pleased to announce that this blog was recently praised as one of the “Top Twenty-Five Entomology Blogs” by Anna Miller of It came in number six.

Anna had this to say:

”Writer and entomologist Eric R. Eaton hosts a nice, down-to-earth blog where he shares daily encounters and observations with the insect communities. He enjoys posting snapshots from everyday cockroach, aphid, and butterfly encounters as well as summaries of visits to conservatories and other biological institutions. In addition, Eaton is also very eager to answer any questions professionals and amateurs alike may have regarding any aspect of entomology, though he prefers them directed through his account as opposed to the blog. If he does not know the answer himself, he professionally admits as such before suggesting alternate resources.”

Interestingly, I found out about this article through What’s That Bug, another winner in the list. Thank you for the compliments, Anna.

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