Friday, August 19, 2011

Welcome Birds & Blooms Readers!

I am honored to have this blog profiled online by Birds & Blooms magazine as their "blog of the week" today.

Please let me know what kind of entries you would like to see here in the coming months. Perhaps you want to know more about certain kinds of butterflies, or have always wondered what that strange animal is that behaves like a hummingbird but looks like it has a lobster tail (psst: it is a sphinx moth).

Your garden or backyard is a fascinating urban habitat for many insects and arachnids that you probably never see, but that play a significant role in pollinating your plants, keeping pest insects in check, and making rich compost for you to use in fertilizing your flowerbeds.

I look forward to making this your "go-to blog" for solving your garden "bug" mysteries. Thank you for visiting, I hope you will come back again.


  1. Katie: I'd bet on something related to bark beetles. The tree has tried to run the invader out with a sap flow and the resin has congealed.


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