Monday, March 23, 2015

Blogging Elsewhere

Apologies for the long periods between posts, but I do have an explanation, if not an excuse. I have been working on a mini field guide to common bees and wasps of Ohio that will be published by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources in early 2016. The text is now complete, though there may well be changes as things progress. I have also been contracted to write content for the blog page of a client I will reveal at a later date.

Additionally, I will be reviewing signage and creating supplemental content for the soon-to-open Missoula Butterfly House and Insectarium in Montana.

I must also prepare a presentation for the inaugural Pikes Peak Birding and Nature Festival in Colorado Springs, Colorado on Saturday, May 9, at the Bear Creek Nature Center. The topic will be "Colorado's Watchable Bugs."

I have been donating plasma the last couple of months and expect that twice-weekly routine to continue. Ironically, it helps establish something of a routine that better structures my time as well as providing a few extra dollars each month.

Meanwhile, I have been grossly neglecting the field guide to common U.S. spiders that I am contracted to write for Princeton University Press. I really need to break through the stagnation and make significant progress. Pronto.

Thank you for understanding that paying assignments take priority right now. I will do what I can for this blog as time permits, but I must look for still more work to keep us afloat financially. I always welcome suggestions for markets I can write for, nature festivals I can speak at, workshops I can lead, and other opportunities. I appreciate your help and support.

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