Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wasps to the Rescue

Lest you think that wasps are no more than a novelty of nature, or at best natural pest control agents, take a look at this article in the New York Times. Many thanks to my friend Art Evans for sharing the story of the “Wasp Hound” on Facebook.

I have another personal friend who is (or was) engaged in similar research whereby certain insects could be reliably employed to detect explosives, and/or search for human survivors amid piles of rubble too inaccessible or unstable for firefighters and EMTs to negotiate. There is real potential here and it would literally pay to continue refining the capabilities of “bugs” to aid in the war against terrorism.

The only question I have after reading the above article is “So what species of wasp are you using?!” Details, details…

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  1. i read something that they are easier to train than dogs, and take only about two hours to do so. The only insect i think has no place in the world is a mosquito....


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