Sunday, September 30, 2012

Spider Sunday: "Arachtober" is B-a-a-a-a-a-ck!

Just like the sequel to your favorite horror movie, the Flickr group ”Arachtober” is back tomorrow to feature still more “scary” spider, scorpions, solifuges, and other arachnids.

The group gets bigger and better every year as more people register (free and easy), putting up at least one arachnid image per day. The only requirement of note is that you post images that you have not previously added to your own Flickr photo stream.

I have been saving up all my 2012 spider images for just this occasion, though I have used some of them in this blog. Here’s a preview of what I’ll be adding to Arachtober in the coming weeks:

Ground spider, Zelotes sp. (family Gnaphosidae)

Funnel-web weaver, family Agelenidae

Spinybacked Orbweaver, Gasteracantha cancriformis

Western Lynx Spider, Oxyopes scalaris

Thin-legged wolf spider, Pardosa sp.

Jumping spider, Habronattus sp.

I look forward to seeing your images over there as well. There are enough arachnid experts that contribute that we can probably identify any of your “mystery” spiders as well. Good luck!


  1. Wonderful pictures Eric! I'm so glad I'm over my minor arachnophobia.
    Isn't it always a delight to find a spider happily ensconced in a lovely orb like that spiny-backed orbweaver?

  2. Do you happen to know if the thin legged wolf spider or the shore spider hop and also skim water and carry their egg sacs? I think this looks more like the spider I saw. Its cephalothorax is larger than its abdomen.

  3. Pardosa wolf spiders certainly can run across the water, and females do carry their egg sacs like other wolf spiders.


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