Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"Bug Eric" on Social Media

Are you active on Facebook? Twitter? If so, you might find it easier to connect with me there during the spring, summer, and fall when I am more apt to be out in the field instead of blogging. Here are links to some of my social media pages.

While I do have a private Facebook page where you can "friend" me, I post links, images, and other things entomological to my professional page here. Look for this banner image ("cover photo"), though it changes every so often.

I also started a group page on Facebook called "Arthropods Colorado". That is usually where I will first post recent images that I have taken in the field. This is also a growing community with many other wonderful people posting their images and observations of Colorado insects and arachnids. The Green Fool Grasshopper is our unofficial mascot, adorning the cover photo for the group page. Just ask to be added to the group and I will do so.

I also have a Twitter account, but rarely "tweet," so while you can follow me here, you are unlikely to get too much more than notifications of new blog posts. The banner image for my Twitter page is a pair of beewolves.

Increasingly, my LinkedIn profile is getting more looks, and it is where I update my professional activities. You can view my work history and ask to connect with me here. You will see this mug shot if you are in the right place.

Another place I frequent is perhaps not what you would call a social media website, but a page where people from all over the world post their images of fauna and flora. My account at Project Noah includes "spottings" from Colorado as well as other places where Heidi and I travel to. Yes, the majority of posts are insects or other arthropods, but I also throw in a few birds, mammals, herps (reptiles and amphibians), and wildflowers, too. Please consider joining Project Noah, as many of its "missions" as you care to, and post your own images. Once there, you can "follow" me and I can follow you.

Lastly, while I am not fond of the changes in their format, I still have a account here. I try and post fairly regularly, especially after a trip out of state.

I look forward to seeing you on one or more of the media platforms above; and I thank you for your patience between blog posts. Once summer ends, posts should be more frequent, and the diversity of topics will broaden as well.


  1. Hi BugEric, I often post your blog posts on twitter and Facebook (see The Dry on FB) because I have a "tween" historical fantasy about a boy who goes in search for his missing father and discovers a land deep underground full of giant insects. I've always been strangely fascinated by insects. The book is full of wasp facts (that have not much to do with the story) because kids love to learn when they don't feel that they are being "taught". Just thought I'd let you know that I've got you posted. Hope you'll check out The Dry by Rebecca Nolen on Amazon or B & N.

    1. I thank you for the compliments, Rebecca, but just to let you (and my other readers) know, I do not offer free publicity for any products that I do not personally endorse. Even the BioQuip ads here are paid for, and it is a company that I have done business with for years. Your publisher is welcome to approach me for ad space, but otherwise any comments like this will be deleted in the future and treated as spam. Thank you for understanding that I generate virtually no income from this blog myself.

    2. No apologies necessary, I admire your initiative. My answer simply reflects my policy on such matters.


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