Sunday, August 23, 2015

One of my Articles Won an Award?

Having "Google Alerts" on my name and blog title provided an unexpected bonus last week. It turns out that one of my magazine articles won an award from the Association for Conservation Information. The award was for first place in the "Magazine Wildlife Article" category, and awarded to Wonderful West Virginia magazine. My article "Stealth Hunters," about assassin bugs, took the prize.


Curiously, the Google Alert was to a television news story that mentioned me by name. The award itself did not. However, Wonderful West Virginia changed publishers and staff recently, so that may account for why they never notified me themselves.

The full slate of awards is available for viewing in this PDF

I honestly don't think about potential accolades when I am writing. I strive to write captivating, informative, and understandable prose of a quality that I am proud to put my name on. Feedback from readers and blog followers is even more appreciated than recognition in the "red carpet" sense. I have peers who I think far exceed me in skill, knowledge, and initiative, and I hope they are recognized and appreciated, too. It literally "takes a village" to spread the word about fauna, flora, and the need to conserve habitats.


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