Monday, December 10, 2012

Big Changes Coming Here

I can hardly believe I have been at this for three years and over 300 posts, but that is how it should be. When you enjoy what you are doing, time flies. Time has come to make some changes, though, all for the better I think.

There will be more diversity in the subjects covered here. I will likely be adding “Moth Monday,” “True Bug Tuesday,” and “Fly Day Friday” to the current “Wasp Wednesday” and “Spider Sunday.” “Orthoptera Thursday” is another possibility. You won’t get one of each every week, but you’ll probably get at least two posts each week.

Posts will probably be shorter. I need to expand my audience, and most people do not read online, they scan. They like bullet points. I will do my best to balance thoroughness and storyline with brevity.

I will be debuting a new website. I am privileged to be working with a good friend who is also a website developer to make BugEric dot com a reality, probably sometime in January or February of 2013. Blog posts will likely be moved there, and this site kept as an archive. The new site will offer me far more flexibility in what else I can do, including making products available for sale.

The most important thing I need to do, however, is to promote my name and my site to generate some kind of income. Yes, I could get a “regular job,” but then most of what you are getting would cease to be due to time constraints. Please help me to do this, if you will, through continued donations, recruitment of advertisers, and whatever other avenues you can think of. My expertise is in writing and entomology, not in internet marketing.

I thank you for your continued support through following this blog, and look forward to bringing you an even better product in the future.


  1. Yes people do scan..I read, but people scan..Michelle

  2. Hi Eric!

    I must live in a hole in the ground (and I'm not even a velvet ant). Can't believe I only found your blog today, although I've seen and appreciated the help you provide at

    I've acquired an obsession with entomology in the past two years and blog weekly at about my six legged friends. (and sometimes the two, four and eightlegged too).

    I look forward to your exciting changes and am glad I found you now so I can see the differences. Also look forward to your new website. I'll be following along from today on. good luck!

    1. Thank you, Loret! You are my 200th follower/member! Thank you for the kind compliments :-)


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