Friday, February 26, 2016

Please Welcome Tender Corporation as a New Sponsor

I am happy to announce a formal partnership with, and sponsorship by, Tender Corporation, makers of After Bite® and other quality products for outdoorsmen (and outdoorswomen) everywhere.


My relationship with this company dates back to last year when I was asked to contribute posts to their Insectlopedia educational blog. This year I was promoted to the primary expert there. Special thanks to Emily Snayd and Kristin Hathaway at HFS Communications for being such consummate professionals who make my job easier.

Tender Corporation is perhaps most unique in valuing an educated consumer. They go the extra mile to inform their patrons and website visitors via the Insectlopedia. They are a small enough company so as to be responsive to customer feedback and requests, yet large enough to provide quality merchandise at reasonable prices.

Based in Littleton, New Hampshire, Tender Corporation does much more than manufacture products. They sponsor fundraisers for local charities, and created a permanent endowment in 1992 that provides scholarships for New Hampshire undergraduates who choose to pursue studies in environmental science including forestry, biology, botany, and ocean sciences.

I find it ironic that the impetus for the founding of Tender Corporation stemmed from the owner's epic torment from black flies, the subject on one of last week's posts here. Please visit the Tender Corporation website to learn more, and/or click on the After Bite ad in the sidebar of this blog page. Thank you, Tender Corp!

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